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Breakers and Switchgear - Low Voltage - Below 1 KV

Power circuit breakers maintenance is critical for arc flash safety.  Power Precision rebuilds and modernizes low voltage power circuit breakers with new solid state trip relays with the following features:

  • LT, ST, INST, GF current trips
  • Voltage alarms and trips
  • Sluggish breaker detection
  • Self test feature with LED indication
  • Time stamping of events
  • Real time metering of A, V, KW, KVA, PF and more
  • Waveform capture
  • Network data communication of meter data and settings for central data collection and settings management
  • USB port for reading of metering data and programming settings without opening cubicle doors (additional door mounted display will also be available soon)
  • External maintenance mode selector for activation of faster trip settings for arc flash energy reduction during maintenance
  • Handheld plug-in trip controller for tripping of breaker from a distance

Breaker trip units can also be connected via a communication network for online monitoring of the above metering parameters, breaker status, time stamps, breaker settings, alarms and central management of all breaker settings to improve arc flash and coordination by management of settings from a central location.

More new features in the future such as zone interlocking of breakers to improve arc flash safety while maintaining coordination between main and feeder breakers.

LV Breaker Arc Flash Safety Features

For arc flash and worker safety, CSA recommends regular testing and maintenace of circuit breakers.  See information from CSA below.

CSA M.4.1 Circuit Breaker Maintenance Frequency

We can upgrade breakers or supply breakers to match.  A few examples of breakers in stock are listed at the bottom of this page.


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