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Breakers and Switchgear - Medium Voltage - 1 KV and above

Replace your breakers with new electrically operated vacuum replacements.  5 KV and 15 KV
Power Precision breakers offer advantages over other vacuum replacements.
Vacuum breakers from Power Precision are electrically operated with:

- faster operation for lower arc flash energy
- more reliability with fewer moving parts and less impact than spring storage mechanisms
- safer vacuum enclosed contacts and insulated conductors
- lighter weight for easier handling and less wear on racking mechanisms
- no asbestos

Also extend the life of your switchgear.

- Retrofit with new vacuum breakers
- Install new protection relays and trip devices
- Insulate bus and live components
- Lower arc flash hazards with faster vacuum breakers and arc flash protective devices
- Commission and maintain regularly as per manufacturer specs

Downloadable pdf about the benefits of vacuum contactors and breakers from Power Precision.

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