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13.8KV Vacuum Breaker Replacement for Magne-Blast

This electrically operated vacuum breaker was designed and built by Power Precision to install in existing 13.8kV Magne-blast switchgear.

Advantages of this new 13.8kV Vacuum Breaker include

  • Electrically operated mechanism
    • eliminates high force impacts of the mechanical opening and closing mechanisms.
    • eliminates wear and failures related to mechanical spring energy storage mechanisms
    • less maintenance
    • ideal for frequently operated circuits such as motor feeders.
    • lighter weight reducing wear on breaker lifting mechanisms.
    • faster operating time reducing arc flash energy.
  • Vacuum enclosed contacts for improved safety and reliability.
  • No asbestos containing arc chutes.
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks to mate with existing switchgear.
  • Upgrade one breaker at a time on scheduled outages with no additional downtime.



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