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5 KV Vacuum Breaker Replacement for Type DHP Breaker

HIGH SPEED vacuum circuit breaker replacements for DHP breakers from Power Precision that open within 12 ms !!

This high speed vacuum breaker rolls in to vintage DHP switchgear.  Upgrade 1 or more  breakers on a short maintenance outage.

Don't waste money on upgrading switchgear.  Use high speed breakers to minimize arc flash energy.


  • high speed electrical operating mechanism, 12 ms opening, 23 ms breaking time
  • more reliability with minimal moving parts
  • less impact than spring storage mechanisms
  • no charging motors
  • 50,000 CO operations
  • vacuum enclosed contacts and insulated conductors
  • lighter weight
  • no asbestos
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks to mate with existing switchgear

 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Replacement


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