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Motor Insulation Permanently Installed Testers

Ground-Fault and Insulation Monitors can detect a motor ground fault whether the motor is running or stopped. The device protects against ground faults by monitoring insulation resistance when the motor is de-energized and by monitoring ground-fault current when the motor is energized. It can be used to protect a motor that is supplied by a solidly grounded, resistance-grounded, or ungrounded system.

Permanent installation of an automatic motor insulation monitor will reduce arc flash and electrical hazards by avoiding worker exposure to high voltage equipment, disconnect operation, and lockouts.

The ground fault current and insulation resistance can be monitored using a single device or 2 separate devices.


  • Test Voltages up to 13.8kV
  • Adjustable Control Power Voltage
  • Input signal for start/stop test command from PLC or motor circuit
  • Pre-alarm/alarm/lockout contacts
  • Analog output and meter for motor insulation test results
  • LED indicating lights

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