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Pulp Mill 138 KV Substation Modernization

This 138 to 13.8 KV substation was modernized in 2011 by Power Precision and 3 other companies for the AV Cell Pulp Mill in Atholville, NB.  Power Precision provided the engineering design, drawings, equipment purchase assistance, construction planning and coordination, new protection relay installation and startup commissioning.  The substation upgrade included:
  • New 138 KV disconnect and ground switch
  • New substation neutral ground resistor (NGR)
  • Addition of a new 138 KV vertical circuit switcher (CSV)
  • Addition of 138 KV potential transformers (PTs)
  • Extention of substation yard and new grounding grid
  • New multifunction voltage protection relays
  • New remote control and indication for disconnect and circuit switcher
The completion of the upgrade was scheduled for a 20 hour shutdown and was successfully completed ahead of schedule.


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