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Breaker Remote Racking Device for Magne-blast Switchgear

The remote racking equipment from Power Precision allows viewing and connecting breakers from a safe distance – outside the arc flash boundary.

Remote Racking Video

Touch screen operator interface

  • Breaker movement is controlled by a touch screen graphical interface.
  • The controls prompt the operator through a sequence of steps and checks to perform the racking process safely. 
  • The control interface is mounted safely outside the arc flash boundary.
  • Real time information such as the breaker tilt/level measurements and breaker lifting resistance are displayed in real time.
  • Alarms and faults are displayed immediately.


Live Video Monitoring

  • Using a low light Infra-red camera, the operator is able to view the breaker position and movement on a live flat screen video monitor while the breaker door is closed. 
  • Two different options are available for remote controls and video monitoring
    • A large video monitor above the touch screen controls in a permanently wall mounted cabinet - shown below
    • OR a portable monitor and control station in an orange industrial case - shown below


Breaker Tilt Monitoring

  • A dual axis analog monitor continuously transmits the level/tilt status of the breaker for live viewing and to automatically stop movement when outside programmed limits.


Breaker Lift Resistance

  • The resistance of the breaker lifting mechanism is continuously monitored.  Resistance exceeding typical limits provides an alarm or trip.


Lifting Motor and Controls

  • A new racking motor/clutch assembly is provided to control the motor, clutch and breaker lifting mechanism from the remote operator station.
  • The new racking motor/clutch assembly is equipped with a variety of sensors for monitoring during operation.


Remote Racking Video


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