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Maintenance and Testing

CSA standards recommend regular testing and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Insurance companies refer to these standards.

Power Precision can set up a maintenance and testing program for your facility based on industry standards.

Below are some examples of recommended tests and test frequencies.

 M1 - Switchgear and Overhead Lines

 M2 - Transformers

 M3 - Cable

 M4.1 - Circuit Breakers

 M4.2 - Disconnect and Circuit Switchers

 M6,7 - Protection Control Metering and Instrument Transformers

 M8 - Ground Grid Systems

 M10 - Motor Control Centers

 M12.2 - DC Battery Charging Systems

 M13 - PF Capacitors and Reactors

 Infrared Analysis of Electrical Equipment Based on NETA MTS-2015



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