3 Phase Voltage Protection Panel


Loss of voltage on one phase of a 3 phase supply can cause damage to some or all motors operating and the time of the phase loss.
Installing a 3 phase voltage monitor at the main 600V electrical supply can avoid costly damage to motors.
Power Precision offers a 3 phase voltage monitoring panel that will detect the following voltage supply problems and trip the main supply.
-loss of phase voltage from the electrical supply including recognition of voltage feedback on the missing phase
-phase reversal
An adjustable time delay relay avoid trips for short duration voltage dips.
A trip flag on the panel front indicates occurrence a phase voltage trip.
The output of this voltage protection system connects to the auxiliary trip input to operate the breaker at the point of isolation. Detection of the above conditions will trip the main 600V breaker requiring manual reset and closing of the breaker to restore power.
Installation will require an electrical outage of the utility supply.
Isolation of the electrical supply by the electrical utility company may result in additional charges from the electrical utility company.

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